Comfy Coops started when we were trying to find a Chicken Coop Plan, to build a coop. It needed to provide easy to follow detailed instructions, that didn't require an Architect degree. The coop also needed to be functional and nice looking, to not aggravate neighbors. We couldn't find ANYTHING, so we designed our own.... and then another... and another.....

  • Mary Kate Babcock - 10/23/20

    Very thorough plans, detailed materials list and specific instructions on building the coop. These are great for someone who is not as experienced in building things like chicken coops. My brother, who is a carpenter, said the plans were easy to follow and complete with all measurements needed.

  • Luvnantiques - 5/21/21

    Searched and search for just the right coop fir our ladies and the plans for this one were spot on for what we needed. Clear directions, well worth the cost. We customized it to match our home and have a few more things to finish on it but we love it!

  • christy10 - 4/3/21

    Easy to download and easy to follow plans, anyone with basic skills can do it

  • Dean - 5/6/21

    Great plans and very well out together!

  • Destiny Maldonado - 8/8/20

    I cannot wait to put it together! :D My girls are gonna love it!

  • amyzwacki - 8/25/20

    We modified the plans a bit to make it a little tool shed instead of a coop. We have zero carpentry skills so we learned a lot. And we are pretty excited with how it turned out.

  • Adam Shelton - 5/20/21

    Great plans with all the specs needed! We ended up not building, but will save it for later for sure!!!