About Us

How This all Began......

Our  first chicken coop was a converted wooden kids playhouse.  We insulated  it, put up paneling, and installed electrical.  It was awesome!  When  we moved, we gave it to a friend with our chickens.

The  problem is, once you have chickens, they are hard not to have.  Their  personalities are great, and they leave you little presents (eggs).   Which BTW, taste unbelievable!  So…. It was time to have chickens again,  but we now live in a subdivision... 

My chicken coop could NOT look like a chicken coop!

I needed a coop that would be:

  • ​aesthetically pleasing, to try and not aggravate the neighbors
  • not too big and not too small...  
  • easy to clean 
  • able  to walk into to clean, hang heat lamps, fix chicken doors, whatever…  (The ones raised off of the ground, you can’t get into them to do  anything…) 
  • tall enough, so you don’t keep hitting your head 
  • not complicated to build 
  • available in DIY plans with instructions. I COULDN’T FIND THIS
I COULDN’T FIND ANY DIY PLANS for a coop with this criterion! 

The plans either assumed you knew how to build a coop, or the coops looked horrible, or the coops were not functional.

I  enlisted a friend who was a licensed carpenter (his business builds  large custom homes) to help build our coop!  It ended up perfect!  It  met all of my criteria. :-D

Because  I could not find anything online to help me, I decided to publish plans  with instructions on how we built our coop.  They assume someone has  woodworking skills but it guides them through the steps.

Hopefully, you find these plans useful.  We enjoyed building ours, and the girls love it too!

Comfy Coops LLC